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Social Responsibility

Being Socially Responsible is integral to what we do. Since 1989, Mustangers have given generously of their time and resources when needed worldwide. The concerted efforts and desires of Mustangers to help our fellow man increased over the years and led Wood Group Mustang to create the Heart of Mustang (HOM). The name signifying these endeavors is woven into the heart of Mustang.

Through HOM, Mustangers, with company matching gifts often, provide fundraising efforts for more than 30 charities and community groups, as well as Mustangers in need each year. Many of the efforts began with individual Mustangers bringing attention to the cause and championing for its needs. Others are collaborative undertakings that are ongoing year to year, while some are answering the immediate call for relief after devastation has struck.

Following in the footsteps of HOM during Mustang’s 20th anniversary in 2007, the Founders Legacy was established in honor of our company’s founders – Paul Redmon, Bill Higgs and Felix Covington. It seeks to give back to our local community in the Greater Houston Area by supporting middle schools through volunteer opportunities with the students and teachers and through a $10,000 donation annually. Middle schools were chosen for this effort because they represent students who begin to define not only their sense of self, but also their vision of the future and their career path. Our founders’ leadership taught life lessons that apply to both the workplace and our personal lives, allowing Mustangers to set an example for impressionable young minds to follow.

We are proud to exemplify our Core Value of Social Responsibility through all of these great efforts.



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