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    Our philosophy is simple - deliver projects of the highest quality and value, on time, within budget, and with zero safety incidents.

Technical Excellence

To Wood Group Mustang, Technical Excellence is consistently and predictably delivering the right technical solutions to clients every time, from anywhere in the world. We achieve this by employing the best people in the business, working on empowered teams, having access to our global knowledge and expertise, and being equipped with the right tools. It begins with a pervasive mindset and continuous pursuit, and results in our strong reputation and positive client relationships.

TechX at Wood Group Mustang provides assurance of technical excellence by implementing the TechX Core Component Model, which provides a globally consistent approach to technical excellence, common requirements and expectations, clear direction and guidance, and a basis from which to consistently execute, measure and improve. TechX promotes common best practices, and establishes a balance of standardization where it makes sense, individual project team empowerment, and client focused adaptation.

TechX Core Component Model

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Clear Expectations
  • Consistent Demonstration of Best Practices
  • Responsible Management of Technical Risk
  • Reliable and Predictable Results

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