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Young Guns

Young Guns, created in 2001, is a development program focused on acclimating young Mustangers to Wood Group Mustang, the energy industry and their network of peers. Young Guns chapters are comprised typically of Mustangers who have fewer than five years of experience in the industry.

Sessions are the heart of the Young Guns program and cover Wood Group Mustang business units, project summaries, department overviews, project execution and its culture and values.  In addition, the program provides field trips to various vendor and fabrication shops, service opportunities and team building activities/networking. Young Guns are exposed to the industry’s most seasoned veterans through session leaders and field trip guides.

What keeps Young Guns relevant and ever-improving is the fact that Young Guns alumni power the program as the leadership team. The team takes responsibility for planning and executing each activity and developing relationships with new Young Guns.

Currently, there are chapters in Houston, Greenville, Denver, London, Kuala Lumpur, Luanda and Al-Khobar. The continued expansion of Young Guns chapters in all locations is something to look forward to in the future. Each local chapter creates its own syllabus and unique traditions.

In affiliation with the Young Guns program, Wood Group Mustang has established an exchange program to invest in the personal and professional development of future leaders. For more than 10 years, Wood Group Mustang has been sending young Mustangers as ambassadors to sister offices and companies between Aberdeen, London, Kuala Lumpur and Houston. The program continues to evolve and grow with the global organization, providing unique and challenging opportunities for its youngest leaders.

The exchange program offers participants the experience of immersing themselves in another culture in both the professional and social spheres. The affiliations developed during the year foster a closer, long-term working relationship between offices, allowing sharing of the Wood Group Mustang spirit and providing the potential for lifelong personal friendships.

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