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    The Pipeline Sector is an integral part of Mustang with its engineering and field services offered to the worldwide oil and gas industries.

Construction Management

To apply for a construction management job, please send your resume to PLinspectionresume@woodgroup.com.

The purpose of Construction Management is to ensure that a project is constructed safely; completed in a timely manner, within budget, meeting the requirements of the project drawings, project specifications, right of way line lists and in compliance with all Federal, state and local laws, regulations, permits and codes.  The Construction Management Team (CMT) can be comprised of Construction Management supervision,  Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE), administration and inspection; however, the actual composition of the CMT can vary depending on the client’s requirements.

The supervision group manages a project during its construction phase and delegates to the HSE, administration and inspection groups the direct responsibility to perform the tasks assigned.  The HSE group can be comprised of two independent departments, health/safety and environmental.  The Administration group will be the collection point for all project reporting, documentation, correspondence and material control. The inspection group will monitor and witness all activities performed by the construction contractor in the execution of a project.
Other tasks on a project in which the Construction Management group participates:

  • Assistance in route selection making constructability recommendations.
  • Assistance in the preparation of cost estimates.
  • Assistance in pre-bid meetings and final bid evaluation.
  • Recommendations for field engineering and design changes during construction.
  • Management of all project activities during construction right of way, survey, material control, administration and inspection.
  • Project close-out testing, commissioning and preparation of final project books.

Projects vary in size and location. 

The following are a few representative projects for which Mustang provided full Construction Management:

  • 107 miles of 36-inch pipeline in Northeast Texas.
  • Two 30 mile pipelines 8 and 26 inch, one sodium carbonate and brine pipeline in Louisiana.
  • 80 miles of 10-inch pipeline, pump station and plant in Louisiana.
  • 30+ miles of 12-inch NGL pipeline in Louisiana

Projects vary in size and location.

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