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    The Pipeline Sector is an integral part of Mustang with its engineering and field services offered to the worldwide oil and gas industries.

Due Diligence Studies

Pipeline companies are constantly looking for various means of improving their competitive position. These include developing new sources/supplies of product or pursuing new markets for the product, acquiring a line segment or new project that allows for expansion off their system, or purchasing a company (or portion of its assets) that can provide this same benefit with an acceptable return on investment. Synergies between pipeline systems can also add value to an existing system and make acquisition worthwhile. In all scenarios requiring asset acquisition, a due diligence study allows the purchaser to understand the quality, integrity, and value of the asset being targeted.

With all levels of pipeline expertise available, Mustang provides a full range of services to clients for due diligence studies. Field services personnel can review right-of-way documents and permits, while survey crews can examine depth of cover problem areas. Engineers can examine design and operating conditions/records to ensure structural integrity, operating quality, and compliance with regulatory agencies. The resulting data shows system deficiencies regarding regulatory compliance and industry standards. Costs associated with bringing the system into compliance or up to industry standards is also part of the analysis. Additionally, Mustang has been asked by clients on occasion to calculate replacement costs for assets being considered for acquisition.

Mustang has performed this work both with the assistance of the target company as well as clandestinely. Mustang has performed Due Diligence Studies throughout the United States.

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