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    The Pipeline Sector is an integral part of Mustang with its engineering and field services offered to the worldwide oil and gas industries.

Pipeline and Facilities Inspection

To apply for an inspection job, please send your resume to PLinspectionresume@woodgroup.com.

Pipeline companies use inspection services to ensure their projects are constructed in accordance with all applicable codes, specifications and permits.

Mustang provides a full range of inspection services to clients for pipelines, compressor/pump stations, and most other oil & gas related facilities. Mustang’s inspectors are highly experienced, bringing a wealth of knowledge in multiple disciplines, industry codes and standards. Our inspectors are carefully selected so their expertise matches the client’s project needs. They can be involved in every stage of a project or a single phase specified by the client.

Mustang will ensure that its inspection personnel are OQ (Operator Qualification) certified in accordance with 49 CFR, DOT Part 192, Subpart N. Mustang has certified internal evaluators and proctors to administer the required qualification testing and can qualify inspection and survey personnel using NCCER (via ISNetworld) or VeriForce.

Inspectors are available for: 

  • Vendor Shop
  • Pipe/Coating Mill
  • Automation/Control
  • Transmission/Distribution Pipeline
  • Compressor/Pump Stations
  • Fiber Optic
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Safety Inspection
  • Storage Terminal
  • Plant Construction
  • Inventory Control
  • Hydrostatic Testing

The following are a few recent examples of Inspection projects performed by Mustang:

  • Inspection of 145 miles of 14-inch pipeline West Virginia and Ohio.
  • Inspection of 265 miles on 36-inch pipeline and compressor stations in Florida.
  • Inspection of 97 miles of 24-inch pipeline and compressor station in Texas and crossing the international border into Mexico.
  • Inspection of grass roots station and modification of existing stations in New Mexico and Arizona.
  • Pipe mill inspection of 265 miles of 36-inch pipe in Japan.
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring of 200+ miles project in Iowa and Illinois.


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