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    The Pipeline Sector is an integral part of Mustang with its engineering and field services offered to the worldwide oil and gas industries.

Survey and Mapping

Survey is one of the first and last tasks performed on a project.  Before a preliminary route map can be prepared, survey control points should be set and a preliminary route survey performed to establish the proposed route. The survey data is used to produce
construction alignment sheets, permit drawings, easement plats and engineering detail design drawings. As the project is being constructed, an as-built survey should be performed to tie down the exact location of the system and subsequently used to prepare the final as-built drawings.

Mustang’s professional surveyors utilize the state-of-the art technologies such as electronic field books, total station and global positioning systems (GPS).  All survey work conforms to the industry standards as well as those set forth by the client. 

Our survey supervision and crews offer a variety of services for pipeline, land, and most other oil & gas related facilities that include:

  • Route Reconnaissance & Preliminary Surveys
  • Environmental Support Surveys
  • Boundary & Topographic Surveys
  • Construction Staking & As-built Surveys

The following are examples of projects on which Mustang has provided survey services:

  • 107 miles of 36-inch pipeline preliminary, environmental, boundary, construction staking and as-built survey in Texas.
  • 43 miles of 16-inch pipeline route reconnaissance, preliminary, boundary, and as-built survey in Tennessee.
  • 220 miles of 20-inch pipeline route reconnaissance and preliminary survey in Alabama and Tennessee.
  • 80 miles of 10-inch pipeline route reconnaissance, preliminary survey, as-built survey from Chalmette to Geismer, Louisiana – crossing Lake Pontchartrain and Gramercy Swamp.
  • Two 30 miles pipelines, 8-inch and 26 inch preliminary, topographic, construction staking and as-built survey in South Louisiana.
  • 39 miles of pipeline, preliminary, topographic, boundary, construction staking and as-built survey in Texas and Louisiana.
  • 134 miles of 20-inch and 36-inch pipeline preliminary, boundary, topographic, construction staking, and as-built survey in Alabama.

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