Mustang is committed to achieving Zero HSE Incidents. We will promote proactive HSE leadership on our projects and in all our activities.


Mustang’s Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) department exists to protect workers and assets from potential risks, both in the field as well as in the office. Company safety initiatives are being undertaken to comply with governmental and industry regulations and to establish their own high standards. Global environmental awareness is driving action to make improvements in the workplace and preserve a higher quality of living and working conditions. Prevention of explosions and fires continues to be a major concern to all clients. In an unsettled world, workplace security has become a high priority for dealing with unforeseen dangers.

Mustang is committed to providing effective and innovative HSE solutions. Our experienced veterans have specialized degrees in HSE disciplines.

Mustang has a safety record that is the envy of the industry. It includes: (1) protection of our own Mustangers, (2) safety of our client’s personnel on projects and (3) security of the community in which we work.

Our programs and practices have led to special client and internal recognition. All Mustang personnel are full participants in our total safety commitment, as reflected in our zero incidents motto and philosophy. We operate with an all encompassing theme of 0-0-0, Everyday, Everybody, Everywhere.

We Have Wide Ranging Expertise

Mustang’s HSE experience and knowledge set us apart, with a combined departmental expertise of more than 250 years in educational and hands-on experience embracing a variety of disciplines. Our personnel, with their understanding of all applicable rules and standards, can analyze, design, engineer, direct, train and communicate to all levels of the project team.

Our disciplines and scope include:

  • Construction Safety Management
  • HSE Coordination
  • Infrastructure Protection and Disaster Preparedness
  • Maritime Transportation Security Plans
  • Occupational Safety
  • Site Security

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