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Carbon Management

Carbon capture and sequestration is an important component of the clean energy arena. While technologies focused in this arena are still under development, the industry is making great strides to better manage carbon. Mustang has proven experience in related processes that readily lend themselves to this sector: carbon capture, CO2 recovery, CO2 transportation pipelines, enhanced oil recovery, etc.

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Renewable Fuels

Biofuels is a dynamic and fast-paced field—with many emerging alternative fuels, technologies, business models and political considerations. Mustang customers face these challenges with the assurance and stability that comes with a world-class engineering partner. Our reputation for quality engineering, design and project management services extends from South Texas to the South Pacific. And with access to a global pool of Mustang specialists from every discipline, you, too, can realize the potential of your biofuels project.

  • Gevo – Renewable Isobutanol

    Mustang is providing engineering and consulting services to convert Gevo’s renewable isobutanol to bio-jet fuel, other fuels and petrochemicals.   The bio-jet effort focuses on the downstream processing of isobutanol to paraffinic kerosene (jet fuel) for jet engine testing, and on evaluation of process enhancements for scale-up towards commercial deployment.  

    Mustang is also providing consulting and engineering  services to support development of processing options for other fuels and petrochemicals.    The resulting flow scheme is robust to efficiently generate varying amounts of multiple products as needs and economics dictate. 

  • Confidential Client – SynGas

    Mustang worked with our client to develop a process design for SynGas cleanup for use in power generation and chemical manufacturing.  The facility systems included chlorine, sulfur, CO2 and mercury removal from the SynGas.  A shift reactor was designed to adjust H2/CO ratio to meet the chemical process requirements.  The Project scope included simulation, equipment design, specifications, plant layout and preliminary cost estimating.

  • ZeaChem – Hydrogenolysis

    Conceptual engineering efforts including a process design basis were provided by Mustang for a hydrgenolysis operation by a unique process which makes renewable ethanol without the formation of CO2.   The scope of services, in addition to the process design basis, included a reaction and catalyst option summary, recommendation and process energy utilization summary, and a project cost estimate.    

  • Confidential Client – Biomass to Liquids

    Mustang provided front end engineering design and partial detailed design for a Biomass to Liquids (BTL) project in Brazil utilizing gasification and Fischer-Tropsch technology.  The remote site required definition and design of all auxiliary and utility supply units in addition to the process units. The scope of services included coordination with technology suppliers, flow diagrams, heat and material balance, equipment design and specifications, electrical, piping, instrumentation specifications, cost estimating and procurement.

  • Confidential Client – MSW to Syngas

    Mustang provided front end engineering development for a reference process design utilizing novel gasification technology that converts municipal solid waste (MSW) to syngas that can be used either as fuel or as a feedstock for chemical manufacture.  The scope of services included flow diagrams, heat and material balance, technology evaluation and selection of required balance of plant process units, equipment design and specifications, 30% model layout, and cost estimating.

Renewable Power

The worldwide demand for energy has never been greater, driving the need for more efficient power facilities. Wood Group, Mustang’s parent company, is a world-renowned leader in the power and process industries. Together, we have extensive experience in the power industry, including support of renewable-based feedstock facilities.

Water Resources

As the complexities of global demand for energy continue to unfold, the impacts on water supplies continue to come to the forefront. The world today now talks about water and energy as a nexus - an intimately intertwined relationship. To speak about sustainability of one, now inherently means the sustainability of the other. As we continue on our mission of being good stewards of energy, we embrace our responsibility of supporting our client’s energy projects with thoughtful solutions for water use and treatment.

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