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Onshore Projects
  • Cairn Energy Mangala Production Facility

    High Paraffin Crude Oil Project – India. Front-end engineering design verification, detail engineering, procurement and construction management services for the new Mangala production facility to be located in the Rajasthan Desert. The facility is to deliver 150,000 BOPD of 37% paraffin crude oil (50 deg. C pour point) and will include water treatment and injection, gas production, power generation, fluid gathering and treatment, and crude oil export.

  • CO2 Natural Gas Separation Plant

    Mustang has been selected to provide engineering and procurement services for this 800 MMcfd grass roots gas plant in west Texas. The plant is on a fast track to be completed in two phases with the first phase coming on line in the second quarter of 2010 and the second phase coming on line in 2011. The extracted carbon dioxide will be pipelined north to be used in enhanced oil recovery efforts.

  • Heavy Crude Production Facility

    Harvest Natural Gas’ crude facility in Eastern Venezuela. Mustang performed engineering design, procurement, and construction management for an 80,000BOPD API 14 gravity crude facility, including 330,000BWPD treating and injection, 110MMSCFD gas treating and injection, 20MW autonomous power plant in remote region. Includes field gathering and power distribution, infrastructure development, export pipeline and facilities, and two satellite production facilities.

  • Hess SSAU (Seminole San Andreas Unit) ROZ CO2 Recovery Project

    Detail engineering and procurement services for the Hess SSAU CO2 Injection/Recovery/Oil Production facilities in Seminole, Texas. Mustang has included field gathering, gas and hydrocarbon processing and distribution network to accommodate produced fluids associated with the ROZ Enhanced Oil Development Project. The scope of work includes the CO2 separation, treating and injection facilities, CO2 gas and emulsion gathering system, production flowlines, produced water and CO2 distribution system, production satellites, oil batteries and the replacement of select remote wellheads (water alternating gas (WAG) and production).

  • Magnolia Gas Storage Facility, Gulf South Pipeline Company

    Project management, construction management, all above-ground engineering design & construction), right-of-way acquisition, permits, and prepared all resource reports and variances for a high-deliverability (700MMSCFD-1BCF/D), salt dome natural gas storage facility with approximately 6 miles of associated varying diameter (2" to 30") pipelines for natural gas, mining water, brine return, and pad oil transportation. Includes a new compressor station and TEG dehydration unit for gas injection and withdrawal, a new pump station for mining water injection and brine extraction, and a new well pad and access road for the new gas storage cavern.

  • Marathon Alba Phase II Development, Equatorial Guinea

    1BCF Offshore and onshore gas plant, condensate recovery and LPG facilities project which includes marine pipelines, onshore processing, recompression, gas injection, dehydration, condensate removal dehydration and storage, cryogenic gas fractionation plant, marine terminal for export of product. Flow rate is 1 BCF gas, 70,000 BPD associated condensate, and gas re-injection capability.

  • Muddy Creek Compressor Station, Williams Kern River Expansion

    FEED, detailed design, project management and procurement assistance for one new compressor unit and upgrades to two additional compressors. Yard equipment added during the Expansion project included a third station inlet filter separator, two (2) bays of process gas cooling, a station seal gas system. The station ESD/FSD system was extended to included the expansion end of the compressor building.

  • Oxy Mallet 3 CO2 Recovery

    CO2/Hydrocarbon recovery/separation project with H2S treating. FEED and detailed engineering as well as procurement services for the Occidental Mallet 3 CO2 Recovery Plant, located in Permian Basin.l 95 MMSCFD of sour CO2 gas processing, with recovered CO2 being returned to the field for injection and tertiary oil recovery. By-product streams, resulting from additional processing facilities, will be routed to the adjacent Slaughter Gasoline Plant for further processing.

  • Oxy Permian North Hobbs Unit CO2 Project, Hobbs, New Mexico

    Enhanced Oil Recovery Project - Engineering, design, procurement, expediting, construction bid package preparation, operation manuals and inspection services for an Acid Gas Reinjection Compressor Facility, NGL unit, West Injection Battery and Central Tank Battery. H2S content climbs to 20% concentration during the life of the project. Corrosion effects of water-alternating-gas injection manifolds designed for extremely corrosive environment. Also included are new pipelines and interconnects between existing pipelines, seven new Satellite Batteries.

  • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd

    Mustang led a team in the design, procurement and construction management of a grassroots 24,000 bbl/day NGL fractionation facility at Port Lisas in Trinidad. The team worked jointly to share technologies, procedures, and local expertise. The fractionation facility produces three products: propane, butane, and a C5+ fraction (condensate or natural gasoline). All three products are stored at atmospheric pressure; consequently, the facility also includes a propane refrigerant system to chill the propane and butane products so that they can be stored in atmospheric tanks.

  • Trunkline LNG Infrastructure Enhancement Project

    Trunkline LNG awarded Mustang the engineering, procurement, and construction management services contract for the enhancement of the liquefied natural gas import facility at Lake Charles, LA.

    Mustang will install its patented LNG Smart® Air Vaporization technology (SAV) at the terminal. The environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient technology uses a closed-loop intermediate fluid circulating through fin-fan heat exchangers to extract heat from the ambient air to vaporize the LNG from its cryogenic state of -260°F back to pipeline temperatures for pipeline transport and gas storage. This process reduces the amount of fuel needed for regasification, having the potential to save millions of dollars each year. Assuming an $8.00 mmbtu natural gas price, with SAV providing 85% of the heat duty as would be expected at the Gulf of Mexico port, fuel savings per year could be as much as $32,000,000.

    Additionally, Mustang will also install a natural gas liquids recovery unit (NGLRU) at the facility to recover ethane and other heavier hydrocarbons from the LNG stream, increasing the terminal’s sendout flexibility and revenues. Because of the worldwide variability in LNG composition, adding the ability to extract NGLs will allow the terminal’s customer, BG LNG Services, to import supply from any liquefaction facility in the world.

    The facility became operational in 2010.

  • Woodside Otway, Southeastern Australia

    Mustang has been awarded the Basis of Design preparation and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for the Woodside Energy Limited Otway Gas Plant Inlet Compression project.   The Phase 2 development will take gas from the Thylacine and Geographe fields offshore southwest Victoria, Australia and provide compression at the inlet of the recently commissioned Otway gas plant north of Port Campbell, Victoria. Mustang completed the conceptual design study for the project.

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