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Process Plants Projects
  • CHS, Inc. Delayed Coker Project, Laurel, Montana

    FEED, detailed engineering, procurement, expediting and inspection services for a grassroots 15,000 BPD delayed coker unit. The work included the control building, coke handling and rail loading facilities, powerhouse, satellite building, cooling tower and support facilities. Revamps of existing refinery units to accommodate the new coker were also provided, including the FCC, naphtha hydrotreater, cat feed hydrotreater, and offsites.

  • Consumers’ Co-operative Refineries Ltd. (CCRL) Refinery Expansion, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Detail engineering design, procurement and construction management for a grass roots refinery expansion, which will include a fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) complex to support additional light synthetic crude oil processing from Canada’s oil sands. Mustang completed the front-end engineering design for the project in 2007 and will provide over 600,000 man-hours of work to complete the detailed design.

  • National Cooperative Refinery Association (NCRA), McPherson, Kansas

    Detailed engineering, procurement and construction support services for a 35,000 BPSD mild hydrocracker for NCRA to allow the sulfur level in the refinery gasoline pool to be reduced to the mandated levels. The project revamps included a grassroots 35,000 BPSD Hydrocracker, a 29,400 BPSD ULSD distillate hydrotreater, the existing vacuum unit and heater, and the platformer net gas and recycle compression system.

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