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    Our philosophy is simple - deliver projects of the highest quality and value, on time, within budget, and with zero safety incidents.


Mustang’s Procurement Organization encompasses a “one-stop shop” for global project procurement services under an umbrella that includes responsibilities for:

  • Global Sourcing Strategies
  • Procurement/Subcontract Execution Planning
  • Transportation & Logistics Studies
  • Procurement & Subcontracting Procedures
  • Vendor/Subcontractor Qualifications & Surveys
  • Requests for Proposal/Bid Evaluations
  • Office & In-Shop Expediting
  • Vendor Inspection Coordination
  • Home Office Materials Management
  • Load-out/Transportation Coordination
  • Job Site/Field Material Control
  • Purchase Order/Subcontract Administration
  • Supplier Invoice Administration & Control

Mustang’s Procurement philosophy is built upon open and consistent communication with all parties involved with the purchase of equipment/materials/services and/or distribution of that communication to those effected parties. We also insist on high ethical, moral and fair practice standards. These standards have allowed Mustang's Procurement Organization to enjoy a very good reputation in the vendor and subcontractor community allowing for continual win-win relationships.

Mustang’s Procurement team works closely with the engineering/design team and the vendor to ensure that all communication regarding the purchase and delivery of vendor documentation and equipment is done so in a timely manner and in accordance with the project schedule. The number, variety and location of projects that are provided to Mustang allow us the opportunity to select the optimum vendors and subcontractors for each project. Mustang believes in integrating the vendor and subcontractors into the project team and leveraging their assets to contribute to the success of any project. These long term relationships also allow us knowledge of current market pricing, upcoming/forecasted price increases, potential delivery increases, and labor force availability and restrictions. The relationship with our vendors and subcontractors extends throughout the procurement organization inclusive of expediting, transportation/logistics, materials management and subcontracting. 

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