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Quality Management

Mustang utilizes a formal Quality Management System that is focused on the identification, documentation and implementation of the design, engineering, procurement and construction management requirements of a project and satisfying the Client's requirements regarding the quality of the work. The Mustang Quality Management System relies upon the use of Mustang formal plans and procedures, and any Client specified project procedures, to define and control processes that have a direct effect on project quality.

The purpose of the Mustang Quality Management System is to provide a means of ensuring project activities conform to the design criteria, specifications, applicable industry codes and standards, and that the final product is safe, functional, reliable and cost effective. The Quality Management System serves to compliment the innovative design process at Mustang. The Mustang Quality Management System Manual provides a broad overview of the scope of the Mustang Quality Management System and how it is implemented within Client projects.

Project Management Plan

A Project Management Plan (PMP) describes the project management/leadership team/management committee's vision for how the project will be managed and organized and to clearly communicate the client's objectives, project strategy, philosophy, management policy and contract requirements. A written PMP will be prepared and used on all major projects. The PMP will be one of the first documents prepared by the Mustang Project Manager and project management team.

Project Execution Plan

The Project Execution Plan (PEP) identifies how the required activities for each portion of the work is to be executed based on the philosophies and strategies identified in the Project Management Plan. The PEP is a dynamic document which is revised, as necessary, to reflect the continuing progress of the project. Upon its initial development, the plan is submitted to the Client for comment and approval. Subsequent revisions are performed with Client approval.

Project Execution Manual Procedures

Project Execution Manual (PEM) procedures specifically define the development, checking, approval and control of design, engineering, procurement and construction management activities. These procedures also control the performance of formal design reviews. Each procedure addresses a single topic and clearly defines the responsibilities of the personnel involved, the general requirements of the procedure, any specific sequential process associated with the execution of the procedure, and the quality records generated as a result. Specific procedures within the engineering section address Design Calculations, Inner-discipline Drawing Checking, Squad Checking, Design/Safety Review, Project Design Data Control, and Vendor Data Requirements Review. These documents serve to address many of the key design control elements of the Mustang Quality Management System. PEM's are referenced in the applicable sections of the PEP.

Quality Assurance Plan

A Quality Assurance Plan is developed upon award as a part of the Project Execution Plan to define how Mustang will assure commitment to Client project requirements. The Quality Assurance Plan includes a series of independent project audits that are scheduled to coincide with designated project milestones and scheduled activities. All audit activities are announced prior to the start of an audit and are performed according to Mustang PEM procedures, with a formal report generated upon completion. This report is provided to the Client through the Mustang Project Manager.

Mustang utilizes full-time quality professionals, known as Quality Assurance Coordinators, to affect the quality assurance activities on applicable projects and to provide oversight of the continuous improvement process. The Quality Assurance Coordinator is independent of the work with the authority to identify, document and solve quality-related issues. The Quality Assurance Coordinator works closely with the project management and other team members to identify and resolve questions before any adverse effect occurs to the design, engineering, procurement or construction management activities.

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Wood Group Mustang is committed to the pursuit of excellence in our day-to-day operations and during the execution of our projects. We have established the following measurable business objectives, which are subject to ongoing review in line with this Policy Statement.

1. Achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

2. Comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

3. Assure the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

4. Maintain Quality Management System training, motivation and competency of our employees.

During the execution of our projects we will ensure that our internal requirements and external customer and statutory requirements are clearly defined and understood. We will organize, plan, and execute our projects using our Quality Management System and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

This Policy Statement and Objectives will be reviewed for continuing suitability and shall be communicated to all Mustangers across our organization.

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